Colorblind Christianity

I don’t want your colorblind


You know God as the creator of  colors

except for when it come to me.



I don’t want your colorblind


I won't support that lie, I am His image-bearing masterpiece.


I don’t want your colorblind


I am His sacred creation so your color lies got you claiming  a colorless blasphemy.


I don’t want your colorblind


You make love seem like it's afraid of my color and it shows in your attempt to love me passively.


I don’t want your colorblind


Because when injustice happens you say things like “let’s wait for all the facts”

instead of seeing it as a tragedy.



I don’t want your colorblind


I love my melanin and the way it radiates watch me glow magically.



I don't want your colorblind Christianity.


It's not for me and it's not for you either

Let go of that lie so you can have freedom.


Why would you want your colorblind Christianity?












Conditions of religion

I grew up in religion, then I grew out of religion

Because I found out the two of us just wasn’t mixin’.

  I’m a free spirit but religion is quite ridged

I enjoy conversation, but religion don’t listen.

I value people but religion loves to burn bridges,

Religion preaches freedom but feels more like a prison.

Religion tried to trap me in all its ditches,

 But I broke my loyalty to it and decided to ditch it.

Since I’m a rebel I just had to risk it,

 And discovered religion made love look small and distant.



But now I know the truth of Love even though religion says it comes with conditions.

And now I’m growing into Love and finding out more and more that Love has no limits.

So everyone anyone come and get it.

You and me us and them there is no difference.

Hopefully, one day we’ll seem to get it,

That Love is for All.  


I said  everyone anyone come and get it.

You and me us and them there is no difference.

 If our Love has limits then I’m suspicious

if it’s even Love at all. 

Reflection: Hope

I used to think hope was shallow.

I used to think hope had an ending point.

I used to think that hope was a rule follower.

I used to think hope was found in the fluffy places.

I used to think hope went in hiding when life got hard.

I used to think hope gave into hopelessness when I did.

I used to think hope was only for certain people.

I used to think hope wasn’t that powerful.


I used to belittle hope...


Sometimes I find myself belittling hope once again and then I am reminded of this;

Hope is deep. 

Hope keeps going.

Hope wants more for us than some rules allow.

Hope is in the forsaken places.

Hope is not a coward.

Hope is loyal to what is possible and it’s also loyal to what seems impossible.

Hope is a bridge and connects with people.

Hope is the fuel to overcoming.  


I cherish Hope.   

I look up to Hope.

Boxes Are...(#3)

This was the most uncomfortable photoshoot I have participated in. Looking at this picture, it is easily seen, that I don't fit in this box. In fact, just to even sit in the box I had to maneuver my body in awkward positions. I did a lot of curling up only for the purpose of making myself small, to make myself fit into this box.

It didn't take long for my body to feel how discomforting making myself small to fit in a tight space really is. I'm not flexible at all, so maybe it would be easier for some of you who are flexible and can move your body in all kind of positions. But for me, it was a bit painful. After about ten minutes of posing for these pictures I was pretty much over it. While being crunched up in the box physically, it confirmed what I felt about the box metaphorically..."I don't belong here and it's dumb to make myself smaller just to fit into a box." 

I think to some extent we have all tried to make ourselves smaller to fit into the box.  From job titles, gender roles, and to the countless of labels, we have our fair share of being boxed in. We miss out on a genuine experience with ourselves when stay confined and conform to person the box limits us to be. I get it, sometimes the box is comfortable to stay in because it's predictable and it doesn't really challenge you to grow, but that is because its purpose is to make you stay small.  Most of the time we are just going through life and doing all the things that you do in life and  we forget to stop and ask if we are choosing and engaged in this life or just passive participants? 

Keeping ourselves small will be at the expense of suppressing a lot of amazing parts of who we truly are. My hope for us all, is that  we get to a place in life where we would no longer be willing to let our lives be directed by fear, comfort, or predictability that comes from the box. Get out of the habit of making yourself smaller just to fit into the box that doesn't value you.  


Boxes Are...(#2)

Boxes are boxes, purposed for only a specific fit. There's no room for growth or a fall of freshness, only the same corners to revisit. All boxes look the same just different sizes of the same idea. 

When we begin treating people from a box perspective, we limit the value of a human being because we put appearance, personality, gender and race in a box. We can't move forward in our relationships if our environment is boxed in with things that only look and act like us. Our ability to learn becomes a stagnant pool cut off from the flowing river of unity. When love thrives  our actions begin to remove the box that hinders the true beauty of the individual inside. removing the box doesn't claim a perfect view or removes the veil of racism but it does make ROOM for connection again, for unity, for love and for a new direction to move forward together where everyone fits imperfectly together to create something beautiful. 

Coming from a white, blond, green eyed female that grew up in a white home and raised in privilege. I am not using my voice to make a louder sound or even silence anyone but to encourage those, whether your aware or not, of the hurt that takes place in the country we LIVE in caused by forms of racism. Instead of trying to justify or come up with something to say to patch up the calamity of human interaction. I encourage those who are WHITE to simply go and make friends with people that are different then you. Put forth kindness and attempt to understand someone else's hurt. You don't need experience to let yourself feel compassion for another person. I have the most rewarding relationships in my life with people who are different then me. Have grace with each other, learn from one another and be humble in your ignorance. Lets not act blind or numb but instead lets push ourselves out of own box to feel and to connect with each other. It's way more fun to do life together then alone. Lets start LISTENING to one another. 




People are meant to love and be loved, the box is not a loving place but even still, we continue to not only keep ourselves in them but we put each other in the box as well.  There is no room to see the best in people and for who they really are if we are committed to the box's perspective of that person.  Think about all the unknown beauty in people we miss out on because we are so fixated on what we think we know about each other. Our love for people doesn't grow when it is limited to the box but our fear for people will.  If we are fearing more then we are loving less. I hope we would all have the courage to not limit how we love people.

Thankfully, love is never as small as the box makes it to be